Chaperone Policy

At Meden Medical Services we strive to provide compassionate healthcare in supportive and private surroundings. As a result we are able to offer a chaperone to any patient who wishes one. Doctors and Nurses will also routinely offer a chaperone for consultations of a sensitive nature or examinations involving exposure. For example genital, breast or rectal examination.

The decision of whom shall act as chaperone and whether or not a chaperone is appropriate can be reached by discussion with the relevant Doctor or Nurse. All staff members offered as a chaperone have received training in practice and are bound by the same confidentiality as our Doctors and Nurses.

Deciding whether or not to have chaperone and who the chaperone shall be will not affect the quality of care you are offered. Occasionally however, non-urgent examinations are rescheduled if an appropriate chaperone is unavailable.